Validated Projects


A Validation Team approves all projects in order to ensure that they are consistent with the vision and values of our network of churches.

In evaluating a prospective project, the team loosely uses these criteria:

  • That it advance the Gospel as expressed in the Great Ends of the Church.
  • That it be consistent with the mission strategy of PLR and PC(USA).
  • That it promote collective support and participation (not owned solely by a congregation).

List of Validated Projects

Request Form for a new project.

Four Types of Validated Projects

New Worshiping Communities

The hope is to establish a self-sustaining community of faith.

Fresh Expressions

The hope is to establish a new way of creating a faithful community that will not necessarily lead to a chartered congregation.

Missional Initiatives

The hope is to offer a new ministry based on a perceived need in the community or to join an existing ministry in a new way.

General Missions

The hope is to support para-church organizations doing new ministry.