Shower Plus Ministry


Would you like to be a part of this ministry?  Here are multiple ways to help:

  • Collect soaps, shampoos, razors, etc and drop them off at the church
  • Collect gently used towels and drop them off at the church
  • Come and be a part of the hospitality team on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6 am to 10 am or any time in-between
  • Volunteers are needed to launder the towels.
  • Would you like to volunteer plumbing skills and help us install our donated washer and dryer?
  • Donate (using the button to the right)
Showers of Blessing Video


How can we enjoy a daily hot shower, without considering those who have no access to one?

The Shower Plus Ministry proclaims the gospel through Christlike compassion toward the forgotten and discarded members of our society who are without homes and struggling to survive on a daily basis. The simple act of providing a hot shower restores dignity and opens wide the hearts of those served.

The Shower Plus Ministry started simply by just opening our showers two times a week. We began with a shower and hot coffee. As we listened to participants, services have been added.

We now offer showers, hot coffee, hot food, pastries and baked goods, snack foods to go, clothes, books and magazines, shower boxes, mail delivery (non-290’s), conversation and prayer.  Our newest addition is a sock ministry, where if a participant returns our socks they receive a clean pair.  We launder socks in addition to towels now!

The showers are opened twice a week, each Tuesday and Thursday, from 6 am to noon.  Participants’ give back by assisting with set up and take down.  Participants sign in and then wait their turn, while having access to all the other services that are available.  This ministry averages over 400 hours of volunteer time monthly.

Because of You

We believe our simple act of hospitality brings a bit of heaven on earth for those who live without homes. It is almost impossible to end the cycle of homelessness without the ability to be clean. We provide this basic service along with nourishing food, access to clothes, books, conversation and prayer.

Through our hospitality participants experience welcome and care that is a rare commodity in their daily experience. Volunteers, too, are enriched by their interaction with participants.