Potters Lane


With Potter’s Lane and housing model in place a wealth of benefits will be accomplished including:

  • Respect the services rendered by these people and help them to regain a productive place in mainstream civil society. AFH will join a revolution that is bringing an end to chronic homelessness among our nation’s veterans in major metropolitan centers throughout the U.S. Independent living skills will be incorporated into most tenant activities, addressed during one-on-one meetings, and taught formally through group workshops.
  • Partnering with local community organizations, faith groups, and individual volunteers to develop an extensive calendar of recreational and educational activities to foster a sense of community within the building and engage residents with the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Provision of opportunities for employment related services through onsite life skills groups offered by community partners.    
  • On-site activities could include movie nights, game nights, reading groups/book clubs, spiritual groups, holiday celebrations, arts and crafts, field trips, cooking classes and nutrition counseling a monthly Resident Council meeting.
  • Facilitate introductions between residents and the local neighborhood councils, neighborhood watches, police advisory boards, park advisory boards, community centers, recreation centers, and community-based organizations and encourage all residents to seek out community organizations and activities that interest them.


Countless veterans deal with the effects of war—commonly known as PTSD—and other life-changing conditions that for most of us are a distant proposition. Lost in traumatic memories and suffering alone on the streets, they are in their minds still soldiers on the front lines yet remain ill-equipped to face this battle without our help—which they so richly deserve.

Potter’s Lane will encompass 15 units of deeply affordable housing for chronically homeless Veterans and chronically homeless households earning less than 30% of the area median income.

Estimated for completion in 2016, the energy-efficient and sustainable housing site will fulfill one of the community’s greatest needs: permanent housing for chronically homeless veterans.


Because of You

Since January 2014, AFH (American Family Housing) has owned the property location in Midway City, which is adjacent to its main offices. The location is close to all needed amenities such as food stores and employment opportunities and the Orange County bus runs within blocks of the site. AFH is preparing to submit plans to the County of Orange for approval to construct a 16-unit permanent supportive housing (PSH) project with an eight (8) units set-aside for chronically homeless veterans, seven (7) units for chronically homeless individuals, and one manager’s units.

The buildings have been designed to complement the neighborhood while providing a high-quality and safe environment for residents. Construction will offer indoor and outdoor resident amenity space, including a courtyard and community/supportive service area. Shared space is necessary to facilitate socialization considering high stress levels and mental health issues sometimes associated with returning veterans. This common area will allow residents to interact with each other and help build a sense of community. AFH also provides continuing support for residents as they transition to these units, which include case management, mental health counseling, financial literacy education, employment counseling and referral services.