Little Brown Mission


LBM is a team ministry to engage the downtown population with the good news of Jesus Christ.

It is the goal of LBM that these people become disciples of Jesus Christ and then in turn reach out to their own in the same manner.

It is also the goal of LBM that we exhibit the Kingdom of God in all its ethnic diversity to the downtown population.


Little Brown Mission (LBM) is an urban mission hub, comprising a team of outreach, fellowship, and worship ministries to reach the diverse population of downtown Long Beach.

We touch the following people: homeless, poor seniors, women coming out of prostitution and their children, young hipsters, poor Latinos, Asians (Korean).

The LBM team members each have their own outreach ministries, but also meet monthly with the LBM team to discuss and plan for how each ministry can coordinate its work with the others in terms of projects and outreach.


Little Brown Mission