House of Ruth


Currently Family Promise of Orange County operates two transitional homes. The first, Jacob’s House, opened in January 2013. The second, Kramer House, opened in 2014. To date the two houses have assisted 89 individuals, including 55 children, to return to housing. Both Jacob’s House and Kramer House are rented properties. The next step is to purchase a house of our own so that we can be assured the stability of operating a housing program in the same location for many years to come.

The goal for House of Ruth is to find a house in the Santa Ana/Tustin/Orange area in the $400,000 to $500,000 range.




“Through job loss and physical injury our family became homeless. We needed a place to recover. We were referred to Family Promise from a friend who volunteers with one of the hosting congregations.The organization helped us to find employment and housing that would be stable for our family. We were provided a safe place to stay and endless support to put the pieces of our life back together. The volunteers, staff, and other families supported us and showed us love that gave us confidence to accomplish our goals. We are looking forward to being in our own home and coming back to volunteer with Family Promise one day, helping families to see that it really does get better!”

a family


In Orange County the median rent for a two bedroom apartment is $1719. A single parent working two minimum wage jobs would need to spend over 50% of their earnings to meet this monthly rate. In this highly vulnerable state it only takes one emergency (an eviction, a partner abandoning them, a totaled car) to move a family from being ‘working poor’ to being fully homeless.

House of Ruth, a transitional home for families who find themselves in a moment of crisis, seeks to come alongside working families who are some of the poorest in Orange County. The intent is to provide both a loving environment and supportive services to empower families to return to stable living.

Families who join the House of Ruth will be able to stay for up to six months while parents pay debts, find a better paying job, and seek long-term affordable housing opportunities. During this time they will pay approximately 30% of market rate rent, with the rate being determined by their current income and other financial needs. While staying at the house families will receive weekly counseling and assistance from a social worker, individualized mentoring in financial literacy, health, parenting, food budgeting and cooking.

Tonya and Zoe

Because of You

Because of you families who otherwise would be amongst the most vulnerable have a chance to return to stable housing. Because of you children have the opportunity to stay in school. Because of you we are able to continue to follow-up with families for two years once they leave House of Ruth, increasing the odds that the family will not fall back into homelessness again.

Subjectively, we will never really know the full value of our successes. The blessing of housing stability has benefits that will shape both parents and children’s lives for years to come.