Adopt an Elder/Build a Bridge


The goal of “Alive Inside” is to create and facilitate programs and technologies that:

  • Change the way we see aging in our culture
  • Cultivate empathy and connection between youth and elders
  • Support the use of music as a vehicle for emotion and connection, especially for those with dementia
  • Help reduce the overuse of antipsychotic drugs in elder care


Our story is one of partnership – across generations and across institutions. We are partnering with the Alive Inside Foundation to help the youth of Grace First and McBride High School take specialized music to the patients with Alzheimers at Brittany House.

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Because of You

Imagine helping an elder become more ‘alive inside’ – and youth given the opportunity to share compassion and empathy. Because of you, this is possible for the youth of Grace First/McBride High School and the elderly in our own community at Brittany House.