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Los Ranchos Presbytery has long been known for its bold and creative ministry. Now you have a unique opportunity to increase your support of a favorite project.

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1. Choose a Project

Select a project from our List of Validated Projects or get a new project approved with a Request Form.

2. Choose a Church

Donations need to be submitted to a member church of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. If you would like help selecting a church or have questions if a particular church qualifies for matching funds in the current year based on 2014 Giving, please contact Kathy Hill Long.



Funds Distributed - $292,700

Los Ranchos Challenge

$292,700 was been set aside for matching grants to increase long-term mission from congregations and individuals in Los Ranchos Presbytery. Each gift to a validated project was matched dollar for dollar. Your generosity was doubled. This money had to be designated before 2017 and be above and beyond our current mission giving. $92,700 or 100% of our fund, has been distributed to our Validated Projects.

We give thanks to God and the many generous donors who made the Challenge Fund a success.

Our Validated Projects

Applications will be evaluated by a Validation Team according to a set of minimal criteria.

Projects will be identified as belonging to one of the following:

  • New Worshiping Communities — the hope is to establish a self-sustaining community of faith.
  • Fresh Expressions of church — the hope is to establish a new way of engaging the faith and creating a faithful community that will not necessarily lead to a chartered congregation.
  • Missional initiatives — the hope is to offer new ministry based on a perceived need in the community or to join an existing ministry in a new way.
  • General missions — the hope is to support para-church organizations doing new ministry.

Criteria will be minimal, but include:

  • That it advance the Gospel as expressed in the Great Ends of the Church.
  • That it be consistent with the mission strategy of PLR and PC(USA).
  • That it promote collective support and participation (not owned solely by a congregation).

Giving Thanks

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Our Funding Process

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The Gift is Approved

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Your Favorite Project Receives the Gift

Your selected project celebrates new mission.

We can help you transform your gifts into the good you want to accomplish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why must projects be validated?

We want to ensure that projects are consistent with the vision and values of our network of churches, as well as in compliance with the requirements of the fund.

Why are there caps on projects?

The validating team will assign a “cap” to each project limiting the size of the matching funds to ensure availability of funds through most of the 3 year period of the Challenge. Caps will be sensitive to the scale of the project.

Once a project’s cap has been reached, contributions will no longer be matched.

Why must churches meet 2014 giving to qualify?

One goal of the Challenge Fund is to increase mission giving at the local church level. Since the fund was established in 2014, that year became the base level for determining a church’s annual mission giving amount that must be met before a matching gift can qualify.

Plus, it’s a requirement set by those who established the fund.

Who established the fund?

The Challenge Fund was established in 2014 as part of the settlement agreement between leaving churches (those departing to another denomination) and staying churches (those remaining in Los Ranchos Presbytery and the PCUSA).
What does it mean that a project must be NEW?

There are no set criteria for this. The Validation Team will determine the meaning of “new” on a case by case basis. One goal of the Challenge Fund is to provide additional funds for emerging and renewing ministries.

The Los Ranchos Challenge is a unique incentive to kindle the missional intentions of congregations throughout the presbytery.  It provides a catalyst for reexamining our missional priorities with financial incentive (and urgency) to ignite our zeal in serving the Lord in our local communities and across the world.  Take advantage friends. The funds will go fast, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Jesse Lund

This is a great way to partner in mission and to share in building community!
The Los Ranchos Challenge allows for churches to come together in support of great causes and new ideas that will build the community and empower God’s people.  It is like sharing in prayer and faith for the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re at a New Worshiping Community or an established church, this opportunity is for you.
Chineta Goodjoin

What a beautiful way to affirm the spirit of partnership between the presbytery and the local congregations where the fruits of our labor are only limited by our collective imagination and creativity. Let us make the Los Ranchos Challenge be an impetus to do missions that are relevant to our fast-changing world and to ultimately change lives of those near and far, drawing them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mark Hong

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